Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get a New Car

It seems everyone is having car problems as of late. Goodness knows why... Both of my family's cars have needed repairs and two of my friends have also had car problems. I'm starting to suspect that the repair places don't the greatest jobs either. Oh well.
On to the physical part! Going over on the H3 yesterday (I rarely go on H3 actually) I saw something that caught my eye. An old rickety brown car from what seemed to me was the 70s was really close to another car. Since we were going roughly 70 mph (112 kph) I thought, "whoa". As we started to pass the pair on left lane I realized the two were attached by a thick gnarled rope. And no, I didn't think about a picture unfortunately so the picture I do have doesn't explain the hilarious/interesting side to what I witnessed.
The rope wasn't at any angle so I figured why not calculate some work? If the car ahead was pulling the other car with a force of 15000 Newtons then over 1km 15million joules of work were needed. And I'm sure the distance was much much longer.
I'm glad that guy got someone to pull his car because a lot of work is involved. Not to mention the change in angle because of hills and the friction on the tires. And now imagine what life would be like without cars... It'd be like Virginia in 1732, rivers and poor roads (hah I'm writing a paper on Washington's formative years).
Happy rest of weekend again! Happy next week too everyone!

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