Sunday, September 23, 2007

Post Two!

Mid quarter has just passed! I'm that much closer to the end of year :) yet... I'm enjoying it all right now. For those who took Asian Studies last year, one has to enjoy the journey!
I moved my television from one floor to the other. It wasn't particularly easy work either. Sitting on its stand I first had to slide it off (with my brother's help of course, who am I, the Hulk?) and I overcame static friction to get the TV off the stand and hanging in the air. I estimate that the TV is about 70 pounds, which is roughly 32 kilograms. So thats about 314 Newtons of weight downward I was fighting with. If I had slid the TV along either the carpet or wood floor the coefficient of friction would have differed, if there was no friction then i could have pretty easily dragged the TV nearly anywhere (although stairs are different, that thing is an awkward object to move).
Well hopefully next weeks entry isnt so mundane :p oh well happy rest of weekend all!

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