Sunday, October 14, 2007

Joon Lee!

The other day the car I was ridiing in got hit by another car. Although Hawaii state law is handy with its "no fault" clause it was obviously the other drivers fault. Turning onto a one lane street and signalling, the other driver (Joon Lee) sped up to pass and crashed into the front right of the car.

Now the car door hardly opens, however, I feel pity for the other car which seemed to sustain even more cosmetic damage. Fortunately nobody was hurt although my neck felt a little stiff.
I feel what helped reduce the effects of the minor collision were the "crumple zones" on the car. Although the impulse of the collision is the same, it increased the duration it took the other car to have the collision and thus reduced the average force. Thank goodness for that. Happy rest of weekend everyone!

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