Monday, January 7, 2008

The Dead Sea

During my trip I traveled north from the Red Sea (Eilat) through the Negev, to the Dead Sea. Then we stayed a night at the Ein Gedi Oasis. It is actually a kibbutz (agricultural (although now often replaced with hitech) commune) with a spring. Kibbutzs are interesting because although they never accounted for more than 7% (i think) of the whole population of Israel so many important figures had once been part of one. Israeli food really disagrees with me, perhaps it is kosher. It is quite bland and i often had the same view on Judaism, but I think i have had a much better brush with it. That would be another blog topic or 10 haha.

anyways Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. The beaches were made of salt, coming from Hawaii it is quite the phenom! However, it was cold as heck. haha Dante's inferno comes to mind when i say cold as heck. anyways i hadnt the courage to go in the water but my brother sure did. And sure enough you can float! its amazing, ill have to go back in summer times. obviously the amount of salt in the water makes the water so dense that one can float. and in the future it will be saltier as the Jordan River gets more and more diverted. and wow the Jordan river valley was quite the agricultural beast.

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