Sunday, February 24, 2008

Transformers:More than Meets the Eye

Sadly, my valley loses power more than any place i've ever been. Even where my grandparents live in Southern Taiwan, during a freaking hurricane for god sakes, keeps its power more regularly. Yes, I can say with near certainty that I lose power roughly one every 1-2 months.
But why? To my chagrin i really don't know. But i have my hunches. It's probably some transformer at the base of my valley or some place in the electrical substation that blows out.
So transformers... (insert robot joke here) they transfer the low current high voltage to be stepped down into more manageable electricity for homes and/or different areas. They have coils of different number of turns to allow alternating current (because it produces a magnetic flux) to either be stepped down or up.
The number of turns multiplied by the change in magnetic flux over the time it takes will give the voltage.
So why do they fail so often in my valley (assuming that they are even the problem)? Maybe overload, faulty parts, or maybe its the weather that can get to them, i have no clue.
Anyways, have a nice weekend everyone, and yes so far i've had power this whole weekend, nice!

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