Monday, April 28, 2008


I recently, and sadly, broke my violin bow. As my violin teacher once pointed out, the bow is crucial, some bows can get as expensive as millions of dollars which is more than most of the expensive violins. A bow makes the sound, and everything about the bow influences that sound. The weight, camber, balance point and materials all make a difference to the sound and my ability to play.

So when I broke my wooden bow I was worried. Thankfully my good friend loaned me his carbon fibre bow. Although the material is extremely strong and resilient (I'm not worried at all about breaking it) it is not the same as a good wooden bow (which are usually made of pernumbuco wood or brazil wood.) The different density gives the carbon fibre a different resonance. There's a saying in french, L'archet, c'est le violon. The bow is the violin. And although the new bow is quite nice it doesnt make the same sound as my old bow which relates very wholly to physics.

Have a nice rest of weekend, i.e. something like 30 minutes of it left.

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