Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I'll probably forget to wear green and brown, but nevertheless I'll try not to forget what earth day is all about, and that it really shouldnt be just one day when i remember the environment.

But earth is also the setting and playground for so much physics. It's where we find all those situations with friction and kinematics etc. But more relevant to saving the environment and safeguarding a pristine (ish) earth for our generations and future ones is energy. We all know that ancient fossils of all types eventually became the petroleum that gets pumped out of the ground. But it seems that some people forget that we're past the half mark of world supplies, or are just too greedy to realize that we need alternatives.

Oil is great stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually this time we're living in is called the Age of Petroleum because it made our industrial modern world possible (and comfortable). However, I hope future generations don't call this the Golden Age of man because we end up going down hill from here. Oil is great, but limited and temporary.

In physics we discussed energy efficient engines and even watched a video at the beginning of the year about the electric car. I also recently read an inconvenient truth by al gore. Sadly, he recommends that we use energy efficient bulbs at the end. I don't he thinks that we can do much better or more drastic stuff. Take ethanol for instance. Not only does it has 1/3 the energy of oil but it requires a lot of farming to get to that point.

We need reform in terms of the environment. Sure businesses will complain and people can argue that people in China and India will just take our places as polluters. But a spark of true and big change is the only solution to stop destroying the earth.

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